Rumour has it that the performances at "De Nachten" will be recorded for an official live album. The third Sophia studio album is now rumoured for a September 2001 release.

There's also an edition of "De Nachten" in Amsterdam. Sophia is playing there on 12 januari 2001 (the day before the gig at "De Nachten" in Antwerp). More info and tickets at www.paradiso.nl

Sophia will perform an exclusive set at DE NACHTEN in Antwerp, Belgium on 13 January 2001. For the first time Sophia will play songs from their yet to be released third album.

De nachten ('the nights') is a 2 day event at De Singel which combines performances from writers and musicians. More info and tickets (800 francs/night) at www.denachten.com

The debut album by The May Queens (another project from Robin), simply called 'The may queens' is still available in the shops. If you like Sophia, you will like this album too.

A new Sophia album is expected early 2001. One excellent track called 'B-side' (as it was originally intended to be a b-side) is very likely to be included on the new album. Sophia played the song during their last tour.