A round-up of the free tour single:
Robin has just recorded a string section for the first track: "You only tell me you love me when you're drunk'. The second track on the single is 'If you want a home', a studio recording of the track we know as 'B-side' and which was played at the end of the 1999 tour. It's a great version with really sweet vocals in the verse and absolutely massive
guitars in the chorus. As said before there will be at least two more tracks on the single.
Robin is even considering a commercial release of the single near the end of the year. Of course it's still absolutely free to everyone that bought 'De Nachten' during the tour.

I just added an MP3 of 'So slow' by Tex La Homa.
Tex La Homa is the UK-based band of Matt Shaw. As Matt is a Sophia fan, they sometimes play 'So slow' during their gigs. We got a recording of their brilliant cover which you can download in the audio section.
Tex La Homa also just released an excellent debut album: 'Dazzle me with transience'. You can find out more about Tex La Homa at www.superglider.com.

I took an idea from the official Arab Strap site and created a bootleg trading page.
People who are interested in trading bootlegs of Sophia gigs can contact each other trough the bootleg page.
This is NOT a commercial initiative: it is only for the purpose of trading, not selling!!

Robin Proper-Sheppard recently produced an album for Stingray Firecracker. The first single from the album is called "All to every one" and will be released  in October on Robin's Flower Shop label. The album will follow soon. You can have a listen at 3 songs (including the single) on the band's website:

The mini-tour with Malcolm Middleton and  Kristofer Aström has been confirmed.
It has been named "Three Cities... a.k.a. One man's home is another man's hell..." as it's a tour of the performers' hometown. This is where they'll be playing:
August 6: London, Water Rats theatre (www.plumpromotions.co.uk)
August 7: Glasgow, Barfly Club (www.barflyclub.com)
August 8: Stockholm, Kägelbanan (www.sodrateatern.com)


Sophia (Robin and Will), Malcolm Middleton (guitarist for Arab Strap; he has a solo album coming out in September) and Kristofer Aström (sings with Swedish band Fireside but also has an alt. country project called Kristofer Aström and Hidden Truck) are putting a few acoustic shows together for August. Most likely in London, Glasgow and Stockholm.
Once everything is confirmed we will be able to give you the exact dates and places


Sophia are currently playing in Denmark. If you get the chance to go to the gig you'll hear their cover of 'Chelsea Hotel' by Leonard Cohen. It's just piano and vocal and everybody seems to like it a lot.

Those still wondering about the tour single: yes it's coming and the track listing has now been extended to 4 (!) songs and is still growing! These will all be exclusive!

The new album is coming along quite nicely. Recordings will be finished up in July.
This is what Robin had to say about it: "The songs are going great and everybody working on it is really excited. It's different but the same. Know what I mean? 25% Fixed Water/Infinite Circle, 25% De Nachten and 50% "new" Sophia. And I don't mean the songs... but the style."

As a special favour to good friends the Radar Bros., Sophia will play as support at the Radar Bros.  gig in London at the Barfly club (www.barflyclub.com) on May 27. This gig will be with Robin and Will, the piano player.

According to the organizers, Robin will NOT play at the Spot08 festival on May 10th. He will only participate in a debate about "DIY - Do it yourself". This has nothing to do with masturbation or 'Changing rooms', but should be about the music industry.
For this debate he will be joined by Emil Jørgensen from the Danish band Swan Lee (for the DIY fans: they have a beautiful female singer. www.swanlee.dk)
More info about the debate at www.spot08.dk in the 'Foredrag/Debat' section, where amongst other things you can learn that that Robin is actually a "sanger, sangskriver, guitarist og pladeselskabsindehaver". Go figure! :-)

All the live reviews, set lists, live pics and flyers have been inserted in the On Tour page, where every gig gets a separate page.
There seem to be some problems with the direct.at/sophia URL. You can avoid this by using  the following URL to access this site: www.geocities.com/wouterberteloot/sophia.html

Robin will play three acoustic shows in Denmark. The gigs were booked around the Spot 08 festival in Aarhus.
The Spot festival is an annual event where for two days and from 5 stages about 50 up-and-coming Danish/Nordic acts present their music. Off stage there’ll be plenty of debates, panel discussions, workshops etc. where Nordic as well as international representatives from the wide world of music will throw new light on the possibilities and conditions for growth in the music industry and music as such - finding new pathways for development of the music and the surroundings and forms it can be presented in. That’s where Robin comes in as a songwriter, performer, producer and label-owner.

These are the dates:
May 8 '02: Voxhall, Aarhus (DK) www.voxhall.dk
May 9 '02: Rust, Copenhagen (DK) www.rust.dk
May 10 '02: Spot 08 festival, Aarhus (DK) www.spot08.dk and www.rosa.org

No other tour dates are expected as Sophia is currently tied up in the recording process of the new album!

Finally Robin has this to say about the free tour single: “To all the people that bought the album on tour, although I bow my head in shame, fear not, you are not by any means forgotten and in the end will be justly rewarded for the long wait. I PROMISE!!!”


From now on, the 'TABS' link on this page will guide you to a separate and brand new site with all the Sophia and May Queens tabs on it. (site built and maintained by Dries Neyrinck)

Sophia's PR company confirms that there will be a new studio album later this year. No release date has been set yet.

The tour finally starts to materialise: Robin will play a solo gig at the Voxhall in Aarhus, Denmark on the 8th of May 2002. More info: www.voxhall.dk

There's a new edition of the 'De Nachten' festival coming up this weekend in Antwerp and Amsterdam.  Glasgows new rising noise sensation Aereogramme will be playing there. This is what they had to say about the God Machine in a recent interview:
"Mogwai did not invent quiet-loud, and we have singing in every single song, so we just shouldn't get the comparisons; and I say this in every interview, but if you're going to compare us, compare us to the God Machine. We love The God Machine - they were huge, huge influences, purely because on 'Scenes from the second story', the heaviest song was followed by the quietest song, and that to me was the most incredible thing and no one had ever done that. Everyone else was like 'Urggh', whereas the God Machine went right down and then suddenly made you shit your pants the next song later - that always impressed me"