Sophia - Feb. 18 '97: First floor, Brussels (B)
Tonight, Sophia played an exclusive show in Brussels (Belgium). No ticket sale, only invited people could get in this neat venue called First Floor.
I only knew the address, arrived and found a normal house. A Sophia-poster which said 'Guests Only' learned me this was the place to be!
There were about 80 to 100 people, half of them 'won' a place via a Walloon radio-station or a Flemish magazine, the rest were friends, press and people from the biz. These last categories kept irritating us all by standing in the back talking aloud.
After a long wait, the band finally got on stage to do a set very similar to the two shows I saw earlier this month. It sounded like they were playing in your own living room... no PA, just playing through the amps. Only negative consequence was the way too loud sounding drums... the best manner to accentuate my accumulated headache (why is Belgian beer so tasty ?) and accumulated insomnia...
After 'When You're Sad', someone made the funny remark that he liked sad songs. Robin replied 'It makes me happy to hear you like sad songs', other - good or bad - jokes followed, we even saw a picture of the piano/guitarplayer in his natural environment: the pizza-restaurant where he works...
Same encores as usual: Robin doing three songs acoustic. He announced some covers but apparently he didn't know how to play them and I think he didn't like my proposal to go for a cover of 'White Rabbit'. He gave up and did his three songs. 'Death Of A Salesman' was introduced as the song with the intro resembling the 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'-intro... I always thought he would sell-out one day :)
Well, it was a cosy night after all. Extremities rule : the day before yesterday I saw a Biohazard show, which was the starting of my accumulated headaches (not the show, but the beers afterwards ...).
Here's the setlist :
Losing My Directions
So Slow
Are You Happy Now ?
Another Friend
Waste Of My Time
When You're Sad
I Can't Believe The Things I Can't Believe
Going To The River
Is It Any Wonder
Death Of A Salesman
Last Night I Had A Dream
Christophe Demunter, Purity-list