Sophia - Feb. 19 '97: JH Jonkhove, Aartrijke (B)
Fourth Sophia show in thirteen days...
Tonight's show was in what's probably the smallest village in Belgium. We got out of the car and smelled the sweet smell of mad cow disease and pest.
Arrived just in time to see Brassneck, the way cool support act. As usual a long wait for the start of a sold-out Sophia show. Same setlist as yesterday, and again those irritating and mostly not very funny jokes from Robin.
Again people in the back where talking and laughing and most of all irritating... people who wanted to enjoy what was happening on stage kept on "sshtttt"-ing and someone even shouted "Goa je e ki je mule oen", which is the local aggressive way of saying "Please be quiet".
When Robin came back to do the usual three acoustic songs, someone asked for the 'Piano Song'... Robin answered quite annoyed 'Yeah, I'll do it on the guitar'. Well, it was a stupid proposal anyway. Well, as the tour is almost over, you'll finally get rid of my ongoing reviews...
Setlist :
Losing My Directions
So Slow
Are You Happy Now ?
Another Friend
Waste Of My Time
When You're Sad
I Can't Believe The Things I Can't Believe
Going To The River
Is It Any Wonder
Death Of A Salesman
Last Night I Had A Dream
Christophe Demunter, Purity-list