Sophia (Robin solo) - Apr. 10 '97 : Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL), supporting Live
Sophia (Robin solo) - Apr. 10 '97 : Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL), supporting Live
Robin played unfortunately only 3 songs. He was totally unlucky by braking two strings and an unwilling audience. He started of with a cheerful and good sounding 'So slow'. To me the people liked it, but since he had a good crowd in Hamburg, it might have been poor after all. The second song 'Are you happy now'? which he called 2 times 'I tried to understand' some stupid fool threw something on stage, i didn't see it, but he was bothered. In the end a string broke.. He shouldn't play that 'firm', cause he broke strings in Brussels(febr), Amsterdam(febr), Hamburg, Brussels(april) and this night. Thanx to the Live-support (sounds funny) he got back in only 1 minute 30 sec. on stage. They're pro's! Started a new song, the one Christophe was referring too, a very personal song. Sounded great, I'm curious to hear 'em on CD... But in the end another string broke. That was the end of the gig, that was the end of his guitar as well.. Too bad..
All I can say is that it was in total contrast with the Robin I spoke with 5 min. before he entered the stage.. Well, shit happens..
Unfortunately, Live wasn't alive.. they were boring and I was glad that I had to leave around 22h45 to catch the last train home. Can't believe people offered 150 guilders to get in ($65).
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