Sophia (Robin solo) - Apr. 11 '97: Ancienne Belgique, Brussels (B), supporting Live
Just returned from Brussels where Robin Proper-Sheppard did a little solo gig. Since he was opening for Live (yeah yeah rock 'n' roll !), no one in the audience seemed to care what he was doing, except a few girls who shouted 'Robin I love you !' ...
Opening with 'So Slow' should have catched the people's attention, but all they did was talking and drinking. The perfect environment to see an acoustic set. 'Are You Happy Now' was up next, and it was clear he didn't feel at ease with the non-responding audience, afterwards he told me the previous shows were very good (he played with Live in a few European cities this past week). The third song was a new one, probably called 'Do You Really Think That I Never Loved You'. Nice song, must be great when played with the band, hopefully on some future release. At the end, Robin got too wild and broke a string, he said the same happened in Amsterdam yesterday and then something of having smashed his guitar to pieces and of some tour manager telling him this was dangerous because the splinters could hit the people in the first rows ...
Someone asked 'Is It Any Wonder'. Robin gave it a try, but picked up the wrong lyrics, suffered from a bad monitor and stopped after half a minute or so. Tried 'Death Of A Salesman' instead and the Live-fans surrounding me kept on talking and talking, which made it almost impossible to hear something during 'Last Night I Had A Dream' and 'When You're Sad'.
Apparently, he had the time to do one more song, don't know why because no one reacted anyway ... the mighty 'Directionless' ! Didn't hear a lot of this one neither. Robin finished the song and left stage immediately, looking quite upset.
Not the best show I ever saw, it was way cool to hear the songs in these acoustic versions, but the full sound with the whole band is just better.
Setlist :
So Slow
Are You Happy Now ?
Every day
Is It Any Wonder
Death Of A Salesman
Last Night I Had A Dream
When You're Sad
Christophe Demunter, Purity-list