Sophia - June 6 '97: Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL) London Calling Festival
Yes, I too went to London calling. I went by car from Rotterdam to Amsterdam (approx. 60 kilometres) and had to drive really really fast because Sophia started at 20:00 and a friend who came with me finished work around 19:00.
After a hell-drive we finally arrived at paradiso. We went in and heard Robin say "this is the first song".....we made it in time.
He started with 'Are you happy now'. It was very cool to see the two Swervedriver members play along and a few times during the gig I recognised some Swerve-esque sounds in the Sophia songs.
The next song was 'Woman' (is it easy to forget) and I had goose-bumps during the entire song. After 'So slow' and I believe another song they ended with 'Going to the river'. This version was terrific except for the fact that there was a little misunderstanding between Robin and the bass player. But we forgive em. Robin broke two (my friend Marshall believes even three) strings during the song.
Then Sophia got off stage and we all thought it was way too short, but apparently we are not in control of the system.
About half an hour later the next band stepped on the main stage. This was Gold Blade and it was hell. Keeping a positive look on the festival, we stayed. Then it was time for Salad, we listened to one song and then we left.
So, Sophia was great, but I think the rest kinda sucked. In the free CD was a list of prior London Callings, the God Machine played there in march'`93 (missed it; kill me), Swervedriver in October `92 (been there) and Elevate in October '93 (been there).
Bas Ror, Purity-list

Set list
So slow
Are you happy now
Another friend
When you’re sad
The river song