Sophia (Robin solo) - Mar. 23 '01: N9, Eeklo (B)
In a sold out N9 villa, Robin played the 4th Sophia gig of the Belgian tour. Robin started with "I left you", a new song (also on "De Nachten" live CD). Didn't hear a Robin with such a good voice in the last gigs, but now it was amazing.
Altough it seemed that a little thing called "a bottle of wine" was sneaking in his head and again he lost some lyrics, chords etc... It wasn't a big problem but it killed the gig for some people. "Is it any wonder" and "directionless" are still great songs. People hardly breathed, I was afraid to cough. Everyone was dead silent. Great. Thanks to the audience for listening. Robin started some more songs, but didn't always finish them. Luckily the audience was in a good mood, and we were able to choose some songs. Some people asked for God Machine songs. Too bad,The God Machine is over and out. We should consider The God Machine as a great band in the past. They won't return, but we have Sophia now. Someone kept asking several times for "The river song", altough it's an impossible song on acoustic guitar alone. But Mr. White Wine whispered Robin in the head "Do it!". And off, he went. Halfway the song his D string broke. A relief for Robin. We all had a good time, nice venue, pleasant audience, a more relaxed Robin than in Brussels, a "desperate" sound engineer wanting to hear John Frusciante . Too bad about the broken songs (however, we wouldn't have heared "The river song" if all went great...)
Dries Neyrinck