Sophia (Robin + Will): May 2 '01: So What!, Oslo (N)
This gig was a quite different show from last time robin visited Oslo. Back then he came with his guitar only, and he was either really tired or drunk, because he kept playing wrong chords and stopping in the middle of songs. He cursed his guitar, and told lots of jokes and stories. This made the whole show very special, because even when he was shouting loudly, the crowd kept their mouth shut and the atmosphere was really enchanted and really beautiful when he pressed the chords and started singing. It was kind of magical because the mood changed so often and quickly. From laughter to sad sad pleasure.

Now, this time he came with a guy playing piano and a girl playing the violin. Robin was a lot more quiet and relaxed. They played some new songs - i guess they are to be found on ĎDe nachtení - and of course they played a lot of the good old ones. The piano and the violin made the evening even more perfect. You canít imagine how unbelievably beautiful it is to hear robins voice being accompanied with such instruments. It was quite crowded at So What!, nearly sold out. (I think the place can fill 300 people). But still the people managed to be so quiet during the whole concert, that Robin thanked the crowd by re-entering the stage and played some extra songs, this time with his guitar only.
Knut M. Johansen