Sophia - Nov. 9 01: L2, Liverpool (UK), supporting Mogwai
Review 1
Sophia, well he was saying we were less aggressive than he thought we'd be, and got us to the hand shapes to YMCA, but he broke his promise to play the song! Personally I thought they were okay, sorta a cross between Mogwai (quiet) and Low (loud bits), but not as good as that sounds.
Stephen Robinson, Bright light! Unofficial Mogwai site

Review 2
At about 8:00 Kling Klang went off and were replaced by the second support band, Sophia. They were good, they also had a good sense of humour and get us to do the moves to the YMCA. A four-piece soft rock/indie band, making simple music effective and enjoyable, having good vocals and interesting lyrics. By this time the place was totally full, we were waiting for Mogwai.
Bryan Critchley, MusicMoz