Sophia - Nov. 10 01: Brixton Academy, London (UK), supporting Mogwai
Sophia played with quite a complete line-up: Robin did the guitar and vocals, three violins and a cello, bass, drums and piano.
Robin was not sitting down this time, and he played on a black Gibson Les Paul.  He started with a song called 'The sea'.  From the first song on, I found that the P.A.-system was very badly regulated.  The guitar was too loud, the voice even yet louder, and the strings were awfully trebly.  No solid sound at all.  Moreover, Robin was obviously not in a singing mood, considering the many false notes he produced.  A pity.  He even messed up his - to my opinion - most emotional song 'So slow'.
He ended his gig playing 'The river song'.  A very powerful conclusion of a rather spineless show.
Henry Star

The sea
Are you happy now
So slow
I left you
Bad man
The river song