May 27 '02: Barfly Club, London (UK) (Robin + Will), supporting the Radar Bros.

Robin and his excellent pianist played 7 songs to a small but rightfully-appreciative audience at the Barfly, Camden, as support to the Radar Brothers. The duo played 7 songs in the following order:
I Left You
So Slow
Are You Happy Now?
If Only
Ship In The Sand
The Sea
I Can't Believe The Things I Can't Believe

Despite, or perhaps because of, the scarcity of instruments the set was incredible - superbly demonstrating the power of the simple songs. The piano playing in particular was spot-on and enhanced the arrangements perfectly. I'm not very good at writing about music but I do enjoy listening to it - especially when it is as good as this. All I can say is that I'm extremely glad I was there and look forward to repeating the experience as soon as Robin feels it is possible for me to do so.
Graham Burgess