Sophia (Robin +Will) - August 6 '02: Waterrats theatre, London (UK)
I have been a fan of The God Machine/Sofia since I saw The God Machine support Catherine Wheel at Kingston university in 1992.  I also saw them at Reading festival, The Old Trout Windsor and at The Buzz Club Aldershot.  I have only seen Sophia once before at The Garage supporting Cat Power where they were excellent.
It is always nice to turn up to a gig and to see Sophiaís Robin Proper-Sheppard at the bar chatting to fans unfortunately I missed out having a chat!
The line up tonight was excellent Iím already a big fan of Arab Strap so it was great to hear Malcolm Middleton's new material.  Kristofer Astrom was also excellent I will have to look out for his album. Robin came on stage to a small but packed venue and told the audience that although he liked the hippie all sitting on the floor thing could we stand up so the people at the
back could get in.  He played the first song of the set I Left You and complained that the extra two glasses of beer he had requested werenít on stage and blamed Will the piano player for drinking or stealing them the audience then pointed out in true panto style that they were behind him at which point he remarked he was quite drunk already.
After If Only and So Slow he played a new track I wanted to know the name so shouted out whatís it called but it apparently still hasnít got a title its a nice song, slow you will love it when you hear it.  He then played Bastards that was longer and meaner than the album version with Robin beating the hell out of his acoustic its a wonder he didnít break any strings.  Then on
to Bad Man which was a very intense version with a long instrumental at the end very good.  By this time i wanted another new song and Wouter had said that he was covering Chelsea Hotel by Leonard Cohen in his recent shows which is a favourite of mine, i wanted to hear robins version but he said they hadnít practiced it then he didnít know it then "Iím not going to what you fucking tell us". Then one of my friends shouted out a request for Ace of Spades by Motorhead in response to a something Robin had said earlier his reply was "you bastard" on to The Sea and Ship In The Sand finishing off with I Cant Believe the things I can believe which he couldnít finish "because Iím too drunk".  The sound quality wasnít as good as at the Garage  and the atmosphere wasnít as intense or as reverent as that gig but it was great fun and a real relaxed atmosphere.  Here's to lots more Sophia gigs in London cheers robin and Will.
Tom Need

1 I left you
2 If only
3 So slow
4 Another trauma (new song)
5 Bastards (long version)
6 Bad man (long version with instrumental)
7 The sea
8 Ship in the sand
9 I can't believe the things I can't believe
10 Is it any wonder
Provided by Tom Need and Meirion Greenfield