Sophia - Mar. 18 04: John Dee Live Club, Oslo (N)

I`ve had the ticket for this gig with Sophia lying around for some time, after having reproduced their new album People are like Seasons for several friends. It`s a good record, however, they don`t really produce much music these guys, it`s nearly 6 years ago since their previous album. Anyway, I used to be a fan of God Machine - I guess that is basically why I also fancy Sophia. I mean, it`s Robin Proper-Sheppard's voice that is good, while lyrics at times may be nice but also pathetic. It was a good event, I met up with some friends from work as well, didn`t seem to be as into it as me but ...I had a couple of good laughs ... Robin made some good jokes about Oslo and SoWhat audience though...
Tron Harald Torneby

Set list

so slow
if only
are you happy now
swept back
desert song no 2
every day
oh my love
within without
the sea
ship in the sand
I left you
the river song
if a change is gonna come