Sophia - Mar. 19 04: Debaser, Stockholm (S)

Just dropping a small live review on last Friday's Sophia gig in Stockholm. Live on stage was Robin (ex-God Machine), our own Adam Franklin, and three other Sophia/Toshack Highway band musicians! It was such a huge difference from previous Sophia gigs, normally it would just be Robin on acoustic guitar and maybe one keyboardist. Even the previous tours with the Swervies (Adam + Steve) were laid-back, candlelight affairs with the whole band seated. This time they ROCKED!
It was very loud at times, great slamming versions of many Sophia songs, but with that special Swervie touch: Adam's guitar shining through, using the flanger and vibrato a lot. I took some snapshots of his setup, he was using 7-8 different pedals in sequence!
Jan (Swervedriver mailing list)

Set list
so slow
are you happy now
if only
swept back
desert song no 2
every day
oh my love
within without
the sea
ship in the sand
I left you
the river song
if a change is gonna come

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