Sophia - Mar. 25 ’04: Kulturfabrik, Krefeld (D), with Jansen & Lawn

what to expect from a 3 day trip with one of the bands you like the most and playing in front of a decent bunch of people. well, i expected nothing, just hoping for the best. and it ended up even better than that. these weekends make you realize there's one thing you really want to do fulltime. making music, playing live, meeting people.. it's not the easiest way of living, but it satisfies much more than a pc on a desk.. anyhow, that's what i left thursday afternoon to pick up our soundman J. at the trainstation. then a short drive to arnhem to pick up the rest of the boys. the van was loaded, andreas even took his amp with him for the violin-stuff. no keys this time since saturday he has to perform with audiotransparent in w2, den bosch.. while we will be in utrecht.

the drive to krefeld was not too long, we got there a bit too early. big stage, big venue. the main hall with balcony could easily hold 1000 visitors. the place used to be a industrial hall i presumed, hence the name kulturfabrik. krefeld is a bigger city than most people know, at least bigger than i thought it would be. after unpacking the waiting starts. sophia and the second band for the night (jansen) will have to do their soundchecking first.

we enjoyed the food and the stuff in the fridge. making setlist. slow song for a start or a faster one? being the first band you have to make yourself heard.. showtime will be unearthly early (around 20:30), at least for our standards. lucky enough the stage is big and the other bands are quick with their soundcheck. we have decent time to get our gear ready. the venue opens and the wait for showtime has passed with a blink of the eye. dinner wisely served after showtime, not ideal to get yourself stuffed right before a gig.

we start our show with winter, which sounds amazing from the stage. the venue rapidly fills, at the end of our show 300 to 400 people are there. since we're not advertised on posters i'm quite satisfied with the early crowd. our set included roadkill, tide, backspace, fix and polaroid. response was warm, people were quiet and listened. once again we noticed the difference between dutch and german audiences. we were thankful and satisfied. cd's were sold rapidly, i was stunned by the amount, especially since we were the unannounced first band to kick off the night at 20:30. krefeld rocks!

after our show we enjoyed the pizza and i saw some songs by the local band who have supported sophia on most of the german tour: jansen. quite enjoyable, a bit tom waits like. i have to admit it's normally not my cup of tea. but the people were really nice and were simply enjoying everything that night. after that the sophia-show.

i've seen most of it, but stayed also close to the merch.. it was a good show and a month of touring obviously made the band a tight machine. the crowd were above 600 when sophia left the stage.

some songs like ship in the sand and the sea were better than i've heard them before. afther the show time for a beer. since it was jansen's last show of their tour things had to end in style. therefore a pub called blaue engel had to be found. krefeld is not a place i've been before, and especially not a place were i could find my way easily at night for the first time. guide robin showed us the way.

the pub wasn't a big party-dance-thing but a cozy late-night-drink'n'chill kind of thing. so that's what we did. a long drive to amersfoort was our next quest. coffee was ordered. sugar was spilled.

we met some people from the crowd earlier that eve so a lively conversation made time fly fast. shook hands and took of to amerfoort. i don't recall the time of arrival but it was quite late.. somewhere around 5 or 6 in the morning. hit the sack straight away and fell in some sort of coma. next up was haarlem, which is a short drive, but first the soothing sleep..z...zzzz..zz
T-tuszz, Lawn (

Set list

so slow
are you happy now
if only
swept back
desert song no 2
every day
oh my love
within without
the sea
ship in the sand
I left you
the river song
if a change is gonna come

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