Sophia (Robin solo + Vito) - Apr. 12 '06: Ex-machina, Forli (IT), with Vito

Last time with Hope's bracelet on the microphone.
Some drunk guy stole it for his girlfriend at the end of the Forlì concert...

Vito tour diary
Arrive in Ex-Machina Club, Forli (IT) after three day’s travel through UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. In the time since we left, Silvio Berlusconi has been voted out of power as Italian premier and Bernando Provenza, ‘capo di capo’ of the Sicilian Mafia has been arrested after forty years on the run. Fears run high that Vito’s first trip to Italy may be misconstrued as attempt to take over government and Mafia now that a power vacuum exists. During soundcheck, some major problems regarding the venues wiring come to light when 90V of power are delivered from singer’s mic to mouth. Are they trying to assassinate Vito because they think we’re here to take over the country? Eventually all problems are sorted by Dr. Digby (certified genius of sound engineering) and the show is on. Great first night for all concerned and quite a few albums sold – hopefully we can maintain this for the next thirty-odd shows.


Photos by Tania Tampieri

Photos by Carlotta

Photos by VITO