Sophia (Robin Solo + Vito) - Apr. 21 '06: El Lokal, Zurich (CH), with Vito

Review 1
Last night, I went to the Sophia and Vito concert at El Lokal. It was the third time now and it still was absolutely great. Vito, a Cardiff-based band, opened the night. I think I haven't seen such a great support act in a very long time. Their sound is highly influenced by instrumental post-rock bands like Mogwai or Arab Strap. The Welsh band delivered an intense and very dynamic show.

After a short break, Robin Proper-Sheppard came on stage and performed a first set of Sophia songs in rather acoustic and low key versions. Vito joined him for the second half which was very dynamic and loud again.
Eray Mueller, 22.04.2006,

Vito tour diary
And so to Zurich and El Lokal where we receive the strangest reception so far from the club owner. Gifts and insults in equal measure. However, the venue is rammed and Vito do their best sales on albums so far - alls well, etc. Seems like the pleasures of Lausanne hit Dave Drive a little too hard and he spends the day alternating between puking into a bin liner and sleeping at the hotel. If life’s a journey, travel well…..and how!

Photos by Tania Tampieri

Photos by VITO