Sophia (Robin Solo + Vito) - May 06 '06: Café Glocksee, Hannover (DE), with Vito

Review 1
I have seen Sophia for the 3rd time here in Hannover and it is amazing how it still gives me goosebumps being drawn into this intense atmosphere. Anybody wondering "should I go and see Sophia this year?": yes, you do have to!!! A big reason for that is VITO! I have never heard of them before but was really, really positively surprised by them. This band has so much energy!
And when Robin and Vito went to do "Desert Song #2" and "The river" it was the best Sophia-moment ever!!! I can only hope that Robin decides to pull out another live recording featuring theses songs. Maybe Robin will not like this comparison but if you love The God Machine then you will love these Sophia/Vito-Versions. Robin, thank you for this great, great moment I will hold it dear forever!!!
I do not know if Robin has done it before this tour but he treated the audience with a new Sophia song. A slow and deep number with the entire VITO-band backing up. That was a great way to finish this fantastic show.
Robin was his entertaining self again. At times joking around and chatting with people in the audience, at times bitchy when complaining about chatty people in the crowd. After the show he was as nice as he has been the last three times when I had a short little conversation with him. He even signed my newly aquired VITO-album (sorry Robin but I already own all your cds so there was nothing else to be signed that night).
...yep, and besides: the VITO-guys are not only a very gifted band but also a fine bunch of people. When I had a talk with the guitarist he pointed out how great the vibe was in Hanover and that it really pumped up the band. Oh boy, you could tell it did.
Bottom line: Thank you Robin and thank you VITO for an unbelievable night. Hope to see you all soon again in Hannover!
Sonic-man, forum

Vito tour diary
Fatigue banished after really storming Vito set at Glocksee in Hannover. Sell most albums of any show so far and get some more bubbly from promoters. Dawn somehow sneaks up while we’re not looking and we crawl off to bed tired, but happy. Question of the day: Are The Clitz a band or a troupe of strippers?

Set list (incomplete and not really in correct order)
I left you
So slow
Every day
Oh my love
The sea
If only
Swept back
Holidays are nice
Another trauma
Desert song no. 2 (*)
The river song (*)
Theme for the may queen no. 1 - alright (oh yeah) (*)
Where are you now (*)
(*) with Vito

Photos by VITO