Sophia (Robin solo) - Mar. 24 '07: Classic Grand, Glasgow (UK), supporting Malcolm Middleton

There’s something about gig-going that has really got my goat of late. People talking during the acts.
It never ceases to amaze me that people will pay good money to see a band or an artist then proceed to ignore them by talking over the music. It has become something of a major irritation at recent gigs for grumpy old men like myself and the Vinyl Villain whether it be at Arab Strap, Idlewild or last week’s Malcolm Middleton gig in Glasgow.
The Middleton gig was a particularly bad example. During the encores a couple of philistines noisily chatted behind me during a solo acoustic ‘Devastation’ whilst in front of me one eejit felt the need to celebrate the massive achievement of getting drinks from the bar which was at least FIVE YARDS AWAY by chatting away to his pals during the piano lull in ‘Superhero Songwriter’. Not waiting even a few seconds until the band kicked in but during the QUIETEST BIT OF THE SONG.
If that wasn’t bad enough then pity your average support acts to whom most of an audience owe no allegiance and frequently demonstrate their indifference. Last Saturday saw two solo artists support Malcolm Middleton armed with only guitars for protection. Confusingly Sophia was male (pictured), and Strike the Colours was Jenny Reeve from Malky’s band playing solo.
Sophia (Robin Proper-Sheppard) fared the better of the two – his tall, angular Robert-Forster jib was supplemented by sufficient personality to command some attention but poor Jenny was all but ignored by the crowd.
Is it really asking too much for people to show a little respect during shows? If they want to talk then they should bugger off somewhere else to do it and let the rest of us enjoy the music.
Manic Pop Thrills

Photo by Manic Pop Thrills