Sophia (Robin solo) - Mar. 25 '07: The Ironworks, Inverness (UK), supporting Malcolm Middleton

Miserable Sunday night was really good
MALCOLM Middleton is a miserable sod. What's more he knows it and writes songs about how miserable he is.
His on-stage banter is almost non-existent, the band are worse. Between each song he says very little and with his fellow musicians constantly re-tuning there was an uncomfortable silence at times in the Ironworks last Sunday night.
Prior to the main act, support came from one-man band Sophia. He belted out a mournful set of songs on his guitar telling the world how sad he was and wondering why nobody loved him.
Finishing his stint on the subject of death, we were left wondering that perhaps he was there to make Malcolm sound cheerful?
Not the case, Malcolm immediately carried on the jolly theme with We're all going to die and for a while it seemed we were in for more of the same.
Not so. Self-loathing and depression can be the downfall of many a creative individual, but Middleton uses it creatively.
Whilst his subject matter may be on the dark side, his music varied between thrash guitar, gentle folk songs and a smattering of pop. It's a difficult to sound good and be miserable at the same time – Malcolm Middleton does it with ease.
PC, 31 March 2007, Highland News