Sophia (Robin solo) - May 03 '10: Les Aralunaires, Arlon (BE)

Set list
1. Heartache
2. Where Are You Now
3. Ship In The Sand
4. Something
5. If Only
6. Another Friend
7. Every Day
8. If A Change Is Gonna Come
9. I Left You
10. Within Without
11. Lost
12. So Slow
13. Directionless
14. Is It Any Wonder (Church Bells)
15. Another Trauma
16. The Death Of A Salesman

Robin's comment
This was a wonderful concert in a beautiful church known as the Église Saint-Donat. The atmosphere was magic and the sound amazing. The priest sat at the side of the stage for the entire concert and I remember looking over to him as the church bells rang out during Is It Any Wonder and he just raised his hands to the sky and smiled. That was certainly one of those special moments... "

When I saw that Robin was giving a gig in a church, I told myself : "Wow. I can't miss that."
And I was right, this gig was unforgettable.
Cherry on the cake is that Robin recorded it so it's engraved forever!!!
It was a moment of grace, especially when bells started ringing at the end of (sorry if I'm wrong but I was very moved) So Slow?
A pure beauty, Robin himself was surprised and he continued to play in rhythm... Thank you Angels...
Set-list was excellent with lots of songs from all albums (in disorder : Heartache, Ship In The Sand (wonderful), If Only, Something, Everyday, Within Without, I Left You, Another Friend, Death Of A Salesman, Another Trauma...).
AND we've had "If A Change Is Gonna Come", which was fantastic and very intense.
I thought his guitar will end like Poor Little Jasmine!
A sweet and moving moment for me was when he dedicated "Lost" to his mother and to the pastor who was there too.
It really touched me.
Robin was in a very good mood, talking a lot between songs and very funny when he joked about himself.
We had two encores, last song was Directionless and it was absolutely wonderful to finish with so much delicacy after all these emotions.
One of my best Sophia gig ever with the one at the AB last year.
Thank you Lord, thank you Angels for ringing bells and most of all, thank you Robin for giving us such moments like these.
Missa est. We all go in peace now. Amen.
Astrid Baudine

Photos by Nathalie Derhé

Photos by François Leveling