THE SHALLOWS - 'Crooked Rain'
Cat. Number: ts-1001
Format: CD (1000 copies)
Release date: 2001
1. Crooked Rain
2. Keeping Tallahassee Green
3. If I Am A Hammer
4. So Slow

Notes: The Shallows was a band by Brian Gregory, who is also a member of Mark Eitzel's band.
CLAUDIO ROCCHETTI - 'But Speak Fair Words'
Label: S'Agita Recordings
Cat. Number: s'agita 018
Format: CD (100 copies)
Release date: May-2003
1. but speak
2. (tired nervosa)
3. fair words
4. (many pictures of you)
5. (I told you not to go downstairs)

Notes: The second part of (tired nervosa) is a cover of 'Woman (glass version)'. Claudio Rocchetti is an italian avant-garde musician.
SLEEPINGDOG - 'Polar life'
Label: Zeal Records
Cat. Number: ZEAL017
Format: CD
Release date: Jan-2008
1. Prophets
2. Your Eyes
3. Polar Life
4. The Sun Sinks In The Sea
5. Sunshine Daylight
6. When It Lies
7. Alleys
8. Little One
9. Ardennes
10. If Only

'Polar Life' is the second album by Sleepingdog (Chantal Acda's solo project) and is full of pure and quiet songs.
'If Only' was a live favourite
and has now been recorded as a quiet piano-driven duet with Adam Wiltzie from Stars Of The Lid.
IKON - 'Torn Apart'
Label: Nile Records Australia
Cat. Number: SM010
Format: 2CD digipack
Release date: Dec-2010
1. Torn Apart (version)
2. Oh My Love
3. Silent Knight
4. Frozen Farewell
5. Torn Apart (extended version)
1. Torn Apart (Darren Glen remix)
2. Torn Apart (Adam Calaitzis remix)
3. Torn Apart (Dave Foreman remix)
4. Torn Apart (Adamís Schwartzclub remix)
5. Torn Apart (The Victimís Ball remix)
6. Torn Apart (Angel Theory remix)

Notes: Limited to 250 copies
MARBLE SOUNDS - 'Dear Me, Look Up'
Label: Zeal Records
Cat. Number: ZEALCD041
Format: CD/LP
Release date: Mar-2013
1. The Summer Of The Sun
2. No One Ever Gave Us The Right
3. Ship In The Sand
4. Dance Clarence Dance
5. The Silent Song
6. The Little Lows
7. Photographs
8. Leave A Light On
9. Never Lost, Never Won
10. Evenings
ADAM FRANKLIN - 'Dreaming'
Format: radio session
Release date: Jun-2010
1. Dreaming

Notes: Recorded live for the "Rabid in the Kennel" session hosted by Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover, on
MARTIN JOHN HENRY - 'Ship In The Sand'
Format: video-release
Release date: Apr-2016
1. Ship In The Sand

Notes: Peripheral Vision is an ongoing series of live music sessions filmed at the cottage of Kris Boyle. The first session was recorded with Martin John Henry of De Rosa on the 12th March 2016. it included a cover of Sophia's 'Ship In The Sand'.
More info at
ROSALYN - 'Bastards EP'
Label: No Sun Records
Cat. Number: NSR007
Format: mp3
Release date: Oct-2019
1. Bastards
2. Swept Back
3. The Sea

Notes: Recorded live at Blend studio, Lutry, Switzerland
More info at
TEX LA HOMA - 'So Slow'
Label: Superglider Records
Format: MP3-release
Release date: Oct-2002
1. So Slow

Notes: Tex La Homa is the UK-based band of Matt Shaw. They sometimes play 'So Slow' during their gigs. The track was recorded especially for and is only available for download on this website.
More info at
Chelsea Hotel (Leonard Cohen)
Robin playing this song during the gigs in Denmark, May 2002.
Robin: "We've started doing a version of 'Chelsea Hotel' by Leonard Cohen, just piano and vocal, and everybody loves it! That makes me feel really good. It's scary when you cover the masters!

Mammas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys (Ed and Patsy Bruce)
This country classic (most know is the version by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings) is probably the first song Robin ever learned to play on guitar. He sometimes played it with The God Machine and it also pops up in Sophia shows now and again. Robin: "But only after I've had "one too many" (!) which means I also tend to forget the words... :-) "

Old man (Neil Young)
Live cover

Everyday is like sunday (Morrissey)
Played once at the Moritzbastei in Leipzig at the very end of the tour with Vito (20.05.2006).

Call Me On Your Way Back Home (Ryan Adams)
Acoustic home recording by Robin that was placed as a free mp3 on the Flower Shop blog in October 2008. Robin: "The idea that even moments after you've left someone you want to hear their voice again because you miss them so much (well, that's what I take from the song anyway) I just think is absolutely wonderful."

What Have I Done (Anna Ternheim)
In Robin's words: "This is a lovely song by Swedish songwriter Anna Ternheim. And come to think of it, probably my favourite song of 2009." Released as an mp3.

I Don't Care (Ramones)
At the end of the May 10th 2010 Zürich gig at Hafenkneipe Robin was joined by Ickey Undressed for a rendition of the Ramones' track 'I Don't Care' from their 1977 'Rocket To Russia' album.

"Keep On Lovin' You" (REO Speedwagon)
Robin played this song at Malcolm Middleton's wedding (02.06.2011), prompting him to tweet: "Still in shock from Robin Proper-Shepard singing REO Speedwagon's "Keep On Lovin' You" at my wedding today. Where do you go from that?"

"Stay" (Taylor Swift / Ryan Adams)
Played once at the end of the Muziekodroom gig in Hasselt (May 2018). It's best described as a Sophia v2.0 style cover of the Ryan Adams version of Taylor Swift's song, featuring quite some guitar shredding by Jesse Maes.